St. Croix: A Diver’s Paradise

Scuba diving in the CaribbeanFor scuba divers, it doesn’t get any better than living on St. Croix where we have reefs, wrecks and walls.  The visibility and water temperatures are ideal year-round.  Here are some dive sites not to be missed:

– Frederiksted Pier

On the island’s west end, St. Croix’s cruise ship pier facilitates exceptional macro diving.  A great dive for beginners in shallow water, there is plenty to see growing on the long pillars that structurally support the pier, not to mention plenty of sea life swimming around it.  You’re sure to see eels, seahorses and more.  You can also experience the pier as a stunning night dive.  The best dive shop for guided tours and gear rental is nearby N2 The Blue.

– Buck Island

Buck Island is a nationally protected gem northeast of St. Croix’s mainland.  It boasts a reef on the east side that is a common destination for snorkelers, but there is also great diving on the north side.  One of the only tour operators to have a license for guiding these boat dives is Caribbean Sea Adventures.

– The Wall

Between the islands of St. Croix and St. Thomas, a trench drops more than 30 thousand feet to the ocean floor.  It creates a “wall” starting as close as 100 yards from St. Croix’s north shore, which attracts a variety of sea life including sharks.  The best dive shop for guided tours and gear rental is nearby Cane Bay.

– Butler Bay Wrecks

On the northern part of St. Croix’s west side is beautiful Butler Bay.  Several wrecks are nearby one another and give a thrilling experience to more advanced divers.  There are both shallow and deep options to see and again the best resource is closeby N2 The Blue.

Ready to scuba dive every weekend if you want to?  Download our free guide the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.