St. Croix Holiday Events

Photo Credit: Kelly Greer, Kelly Greer Photography

Photo Credit: Kelly Greer, Kelly Greer Photography

Crucians love to party and the holiday season is the perfect reason to do so for more than a month. Here are some great holiday events not to be missed:

Thanksgiving Jump-Up

Friday kicked off the St. Croix holiday season with a special Thanksgiving Jump-Up.  Held in Christiansted and hosted by the restaurant and retail association, these events are great to start your holiday shopping, listen to live music, taste local food, and see island entertainers like moko jumbie stilt performers and fire dancers.

Christmas Boat Parade

Held on a Saturday early in December in Christiansted, the annual boat parade is a competition of captains and crews decorating their vessels ranging in size from tiny skiffs to mega yachts.  Plenty of lights and more creative decorations are used and most boats are filled with costumed party-goers spreading holiday cheer.  The parade goes around twice parallel to the boardwalk, so there or the fort are the best places for viewing. An awesome firework show lights up the night after the parade, shot from Altoona Lagoon (just east of town).

Christmas Spoken Here

Hosted on a Sunday early in December at the St. George Village Botanical Garden off Queen Mary Highway out west, this event brings together many local food and craft vendors.  It is a great place to have lunch and get serious about Christmas shopping for local jewelry, clothes, etc.  The main open-air building of the gardens is filled with live Christmas trees with themed decor sponsored by local businesses.  Try some coquito (the local equivalent of egg-nog) while you’re there.

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Carnival Adult Parade

The Crucian Christmas Festival comes to a close with Carnival.  Several events like Jouvert lead up to this main celebration, held on Three King’s Day (a Saturday in early January).  The adult parade in Frederiksted brings out local dance troups in the flamboyant costumes you would expect of a Caribbean Carnival.  The parade can last up to eight hours, always starts late and requires parking a good distance away, so be prepared for a long day with a cooler, chair, sunscreen, etc.

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