St. Croix Horticulturists Awarded Record Ribbons by American Orchid Society











This past weekend, representatives from the American Orchid Society (AOS) were on-island for the annual show hosted by the St. Croix Orchid Society at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI).  The national organization handed out five ribbons to St. Croix horticulturists, the highest number ever awarded at the annual event.  Per AOS Judge Carlos Fighetti, ribbon award winners are judged with stringent and consistent criteria against other orchids in their class, at any one of the 350 annual orchid shows across the country.  A winning plant is judged as good or better than any other, with cross-referenced photos and measurements to other winning orchids.

One special exhibit this year was dedicated to David Hamada’s memory.  He was an orchid enthusiast and previously directed the St. George Village Botanical Garden.

St. Croix Orchid Society Annual Show At-A-Glance

  • Location: University of the Virgin Islands Great Hall
  • 2016 Theme: Crucian Orchid Symphony
  • Current President: Pearline Claxton
  • Number of exhibits: 30
  • Award categories: flowers, culture and horticulture
  • Number of AOS judges nationally: 500
  • Number of AOS awards given nationally / annually: 2,000
  • AOS National Judges Visiting: Carlos Fighetti, Irma Saldana
  • AOS Trophy Winner: Anne Marie Andrews (class: dendrobruim)
  • AOS Grand Champion: Rosemary Walcott (type: white double Mt. Hood cattleya bloom)
  • AOS Ribbon Winner: Luther Edwards (type: large epidendrum ciliare cluster)
  • AOS Ribbon Winner: Pearline Claxton (type: Crucian Gold Cross hybrid)

More info from the St. Croix Source

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