St. Croix Style: Island Influence on Interior Decor

Decorative candles and shells.











When you tour St. Croix properties for sale or rent, one marked difference between them and places on the U.S. mainland is the style.  Whereas neutrals are the norm stateside, island homes are generally brightly colored inside and out.  The interior design is largely influenced by the colorful natural beauty of St. Croix: the turquoise ocean waters, green palm leaves, coral flamboyant flowers, et cetera.

There are several outstanding interior designers on St. Croix for those seeking professional help with their homes.  This is especially advisable for high-end waterfront homes that need to keep salty air and humidity in-mind with practical design choices.  A great place to shop for home interiors with island influence is Sampson House in Christiansted.


From furniture upholstery to tablecloths, you will see influence of the islands.  Specific to the U.S. Virgin Islands is madras fabric, which is a plaid primarily colored red and yellow.  It dates back to the island’s plantation era under the Danish flag, when trade was being built-up worldwide.


Exterior and interior home paint can be any color of the rainbow on-island, but the most popular outdoor colors are warm yellow or soft blue.  Yellow is the color of Fort Christiansvaern in Christiansted, which seems to have influenced the exterior of many buildings in town from Government House to the old Stanford Estate on Hill Street.

While neutrals like gray are still advisable when staging a home for sale, interior paint is completely the owner’s preference.  Popular accent colors range from lime green to rusty red.

Home Accents

A great way to incorporate island style without going overboard is in accent pieces, using things like shells to decorate your home.  For example, when you’re entertaining, a conch shell with fresh tropical flowers tucked inside can be a beautiful centerpiece.

Ready to live your Caribbean life and decorate with island-inspired colors?  Download our free guide the 10 Best Reasons for Living on St. Croix.