St. Croix’s Lengthy Runway Accomodates Variety of Aircrafts


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St. Croix

As you land on St. Croix at the Henry E. Rohlsen airport, you may notice a smooth landing, free from hard braking. This is because you are gliding down a 10,000 foot expansive runway, which according to Aviation International Online can “handle anything with wings.” The runway makes St. Croix a preferred stop to accommodate large planes, such as those used by the military. Being a U.S. territory only 400 miles north of Venezuela, the island is also a convenient and cost-effective stop to refuel flights headed to South America.

The fixed base operator (FBO) on St. Croix, Bohlke International Airways, makes the island a favorite stop for pilots and private jets.  They are well known for their hospitality and excellent facilities.

In recent years St. Croix has been visited frequently by Air Force Two, as the island is a favorite and repeat vacation destination for Vice President Joe Biden.  Also spotted at the Henry E. Rohlsen airport recently is the Falcon 50EX belonging to Sir Richard Branson, who owns nearby Necker Island, his private paradise in the British Virgin Islands.

St. Thomas

Photo Credit: Pilot Publishing, Inc. (

Photo Credit: Pilot Publishing, Inc. (

Neighboring St. Thomas, with a notably shorter runway of only 7,000 feet, actually receives substantially more air traffic than St. Croix and is considered congested by many pilots.  The runway is also located extremely close to the ocean, which often makes for fearful take-off or landing for passengers.

St. Maarten

Photo by: Angie Vo (

Photo by: Angie Vo (

The most famous runway in the Caribbean belongs to nearby St. Maarten, where brave tourists “ride the fence” of the Princess Juliana airport, as trans-Atlantic flights take off and land.  The popular Maho Beach is immediately nearby for those who want a close-up view and are willing to be sandblasted by planes.

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