More Staging Strategies from HGTV

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In filming Caribbean Life with Home and Garden Television (HGTV), we picked up some great tips that make the houses featured on the channel look especially great.  So even if you’re just staging your home for an open house and not national television, these tricks to up the appeal are helpful nonetheless.


Good lighting is key to making a room appear open and airy (versus dark and dank).  One of the first things the HGTV crew did in each of the houses they prepared for filming, was to replace every standard light bulb with a high wattage one.  Compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs are great for reducing power usage (especially in the Caribbean where the electric rate is higher), but traditionally less aesthetically appealing.  So when the bulb will be exposed outside a fixture, for example in bathroom vanity lighting, spring for the nicer bulbs that have a dome around the CFL spiral.


When preparing your home for sale, you want every surface sparkling clean.  This means counter tops, floors, etc.  This is particularly important in the kitchen, where potential buyers will be evaluating whether the major appliances add value to the home.  Use a good cleaner and some elbow grease to get appliances shining.  Try Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for tough spots or appliance paint for rust (common in the Caribbean with salt in the air).


Minimizing eye sores will make your home show its best.  Think of places like corners piled with cables and cords (all necessary, but unsightly).  If they can be painted to match the wall / floor color, that’s a good option.  If not, bundle them neatly and conceal them with a nice house plant.  Ferns and flowers can also be placed in front of window air-conditioning units that are popular in Caribbean homes.

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