TED Talks Arrive in the USVI

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For fans of TED talks, they have reached the Caribbean.  For those unfamiliar, they are brief inspirational speeches on specific subject matter, given live to crowds which often go viral and are wildly popular online.  TED is a 501c3 organization devoted to “ideas worth spreading.”



TEDxSaintThomas is being put together by staff members Brigitte Berry, Leigh Goldman and Laura Harwig.

Speakers / Topics:

  • David Berg (raised on St. Croix) / Persevering Culture: The Importance of Remembering Where We Came From So That It May Guide and Inspire Our Future
  • Mark Changizi / Curing the Colorblind of their Health-Blindness
  • Scott Eanes (St. Thomas resident) / Cyril E. King: Where Passion and Conservation Take Flight
  • Ben Halpert / Technology Addiction and What you Can do About It
  • Amit Mirpuri / Click. Done. (how the retail sector has been affected by the Internet)
  • Lucas Neely (St. Thomas native) / Is This the Death of Investing?
  • Nate Olive (St. Croix resident) / Fixing Paradise: Rethinking Sustainable Agriculture for Food-Desert Caribbean Islands and Beyond
  • Hayida Sewer / We Must Talk about Race and American Colonialism
  • Kevin Williams (St. Thomas resident) / Everything I Know I Learned in Kindergarten (and SEAL Training)


A TEDx event (the “x” stands for independently organized)


The Prior-Jollek Hall of the Antilles School

St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands


The theme of this event is “Small Places, Big Ideas.”  According to the event organizers, their purpose is to “showcase the islands’ incredible people and ideas.”


Saturday, June 6

Ticket Info

Earlier this week, tickets went on sale on St. Thomas.  They can be purchased in the Redhook area at Chelsea Drugstore, or in the Crown Bay Marina area at Scoops and Brew.  The cost is $30 per person.

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