“The View Is To Die For”


When you check out the travel reviews of St. Croix, you often read “the view is to die for!”  Our lovely island is structured with ideal topography for excellent views.  Think of it like stadium seating, not just the people who can afford the front row (oceanfront property) get to see the water.  Here are some views of St. Croix not to be missed:

By Land

St. Croix provides a great experience for hiking enthusiasts.  Goat Hill on the east end of St. Croix is a local favorite, as it provides a unique view of the island at which you can see both the north and south shores simultaneously.

Point Udall, the easternmost point of the U.S., is located on St. Croix and provides gorgeous views of the ocean all-around.

Hamm’s Bluff on the western part of the north shore also provides a stunning view.  You can hike a trail to an old lighthouse there or take an ATV ride with Gecko Island Adventures.

By Sea

The view of the St. Croix coastline from the ocean provides yet another intriguing perspective.  It’s certainly a great way to scout primo real estate, as well as the best beaches that may not be marked from the road.  Take a sunset sail with Caribbean Sea Adventures or on the historic schooner Roseway with World Ocean School.

If you venture to Buck Island with a tour operator or on a private vessel, take the hike to the top for a spectacular 360 view.  The ability to see Buck Island from the St. Croix mainland is a major plus in a home for sale or rent.

By Air

Perhaps the most unique view of St. Croix comes from the air.  A view from one of the 747 planes arriving daily always gets visitors excited for their stay.

If you’re ready to island hop, take the Seaborne sea plane to St. Thomas for spectacular bird’s eye views.

If you really want to see St. Croix from every angle, you can also charter a helicopter.

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