Volunteering in the Virgin Islands

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When you live in a small island community like St. Croix (population approximately 52,000), there is a strong call to volunteer.  It’s unlike living in a major city where you pass by litter and can comfortable think, “someone else will pick that up.”  On-island you have to instigate the change you want to see happen.  Here are a few organizations who can always use volunteers looking to make a positive difference:

St. Croix Animal Welfare Center (AWC)

Located mid-island near the airport, the St. Croix Animal Welfare Center takes on several roles.  It serves as animal control, as well as a traditional shelter for lost / homeless / injured animals.  Help is always needed to walk or play with animals and facilitate adoption events.  If you want to help in a less hands-on way, you can get involved planning and hosting one of their fundraising events.  A main source of funding for the AWC comes from their flea market, located at Basson Triangle just west of Christiansted.  At that facility, volunteers are always needed to intake donations to be sorted / organized / priced.

St. Croix Environmental Association (SEA)

Located in Gallows Bay just east of Christiansted, the St. Croix Environmental Association looks to protect and conserve the island environment.  They also manage the Southgate Coastal Reserve.  Volunteers are most helpful to organize and participate in their annual island litter removal movement, Crucian Litter Elimination Act Now (CLEAN), which takes place each April before the Ironman triathlon.

Virgin Islands Volunteer Advocates for Children (VIVA)

Virgin Islands Volunteer Advocates for Children exists to advocate for abused or neglected children.  Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), is a program which they oversee.  They advocate for minor children involved in abuse cases, through volunteer intermediaries who can speak to the child’s best interest.  They can always use assistance with one of their annual fundraising events, like Chefs of St. Croix.

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