Walt Disney World in St. Croix…Kinda


On East End Road (AKA Route 75 to all tourists and newbies), just on the outskirts of Gallows Bay along the fence line of Canegata Ballpark, you’ll notice a very subtle hint of Walt Disney World.  I have been driving past these cute characters every week now for a couple of years.  At first, I just thought I was seeing something taking shape between the grid of the fence, but after several weeks I noticed that what I thought I was seeing was actually a reality.  Someone, most likely a government employee from Parks and Recreation, has slowly been grooming the bougainvillea bushes that are sticking through the fence at Canegata Ballpark.  After several months they have successfully morphed the bushes into the shape of a few bulls with their heads and horns sticking through the fence…as if they are trying to get to the grass on the other side.

Topiaries are not easy to create…especially the ones shaped like animals that Walt Disney World is famous for.  They can take from three to ten years to completely take shape into the desired end result and require patience as well as a certain level of creativity and foresight.  So whoever you are…I’ll just call you Edward Scissorhands…thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.  You have managed to take a boring fence with a few scattered shrubs and turn it into a source of smiles for all of us that drive past each day.  And please be sure to mentor someone else in your department because I’d hate to see these cute bulls fall by the wayside when you inevitably retire.  If anyone knows who is responsible for this…please give them a well deserved shout out!

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