What You Need To Know About Flying To / From St. Croix – Part 2 of 2

Private jet plane over the tropical seaHere are a few more tips and recommendations for navigating the Henry E. Rohlsen airport on St. Croix:

– Direct flights / connections from STX (vary by season)

  • Direct to Miami via American Airlines (daily)
  • Direct to Atlanta via Delta Airlines
  • Direct to Charlotte via US Airways
  • Connect to Boston in St. Thomas via American Airlines
  • Connect to Dallas in San Juan via Southwest Airlines
  • Connect to New York City in San Juan via Jet Blue
  • Connect to Washington D.C. in San Juan via Jet Blue

– Seaplanes are another option

If you just need to island hop, the sea plane to St. Thomas may be the way to go.  In addition to having a quick water taxi option to St. John, STT has more connection options.  If you fly with Seaborne, just be clear on if you’re taking a sea- or land-based flight, as the sea plane flies in and out of Christiansted harbor (versus the mid-island airport).

Passports are not required

As St. Croix is a U.S. territory, no passport is required to visit.  However, it does expedite your check-in and security clearance if you have it with you.  So if you already have one, it is worth bringing.  Especially if you make a last-minute decision to island hop, you can hit the British Virgin Islands and other nearby international islands.

– Rum can ride along free

If you’re a fan of rum, you’ve come to the right place!  St. Croix is home to both the Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan distilleries.  You can check up to six bottles in a box without a checked baggage fee.  From a local grocery store, rum prices start at just $7 per liter and there is no sales tax in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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