In today’s fast paced lifestyle, few properties allow for a modern existence that is also convenient, comfortable, and easy to maintain.  St. Croix condos are currently some of the most in demand properties, combining affordability with less maintenance.  When you want to come and go as you please, and get the most out of a setting like St. Croix, condominiums are the property of choice.

St. Croix condos are available throughout some 31 incredible complexes that offer everything from private pools and balconies to beach access and proximity to the towns of Christiansted and Frederiksted.  There are countless reasons why owning a condo could be right for you. Ask about waterfront condos like Pelican Cove, Candle Reef or Carden Beach as well as hill top condos like Coakley Bay, Villa Madeleine or Questa Verde.  If golf is your passion, ask about the Carambola condos located along a Robert Trent Jones Golf Course.

The Virgin Islands is one of the most majestic destinations in America.  With unspoiled vistas in every direction, pristine waters, and a lush island terrain, St. Croix in particular is much admired by visitors.  The island hasn’t fallen victim to overdevelopment, and it is still possible to enjoy a diverse yet serene lifestyle filled with culture and recreation. Buyers interested in St. Croix condos will have so much at their fingertips, from wonderful local restaurants and bars to galleries, events, and more.

Whether you are a vacationer or permanent resident, you will find a variety of St. Croix condos to choose from – each with their own unique character and charisma. To find out what properties are available around the island contact Chris Hanley and his team of Realtors® at Farchette & Hanley Real Estate, St. Croix’s premier real estate team.  These are the various condominiums available on the island of St. Croix …

East End Condominiums
Candle Reef
Fort Augusta Condominiums
Schooner Bay Condominiums
Southgate Plantation Condominiums
Southgate Courtyard Condominiums
Villa Madeleine Condominiums
The Reef Condominiums
Coakley Bay Condominiums
Carden Beach Condominiums
Kirkegade Hus

West End Condominiums
Carambola: Sweet Lime Villas I
Carambola: Sweet Lime Village II
Carambola: Saman Villas
Good Hope Condominiums
Carlton Condominiums
Harbor Beach Condominiums
Sunset Beach Condominiums

Waterfront Condominiums
Carden Beach Condominiums WF
Harbor Beach Condominiums WF
Gentle Winds Condominiums WF
Cruzan Princess Condominiums WF
St. Croix by the Sea Condominiums WF
Coral Princess Condominiums WF
Pelican Cove Condominiums WF
Mill Harbour Condominiums WF
Colony Cove Condominiums WF
Sugar Beach Condominiums WF
Club St. Croix Condominiums WF
Candle Reef WF
Sunset Beach Condominiums WF

Mid Island Condominiums
Colony Cove Condominiums
Gentle Winds Condominiums
St. Croix by the Sea Condominiums
Coral Princess Condominiums
Cruzan Princess Condominiums
Galleon Reef Condominiums
Bay Gardens
Long Reef Condominiums
Vista Mar Condominiums
The Grove Condominiums
Queens Ridge Condominiums
Pelican Cove Condominiums
Mill Harbour Condominiums
Sugar Beach Condominiums
Club St. Croix Condominiums
Questa Verde Condominiums
Peter’s Farm Condominiums
Maison DePoincy