Investment Property

Many say that St. Croix is about to become one of the most desirable of Caribbean destinations. Whether that is true or not, the future will reveal soon. But what is certain is that with its historic architecture, old world charm, contemporary dining and shopping, and world-class housing options, this island is an understated jewel waiting to be discovered on a grander scale. With so many positive indicators, St. Croix investment property has the potential to yield dividends for many different types of investors.

The climate makes a summer lifestyle possible year-round. This means that buying property to rent out whenever you are not using it makes perfect sense. Vacationers and longer-term renters are always searching for fine St. Croix homes for rent and with the right property management you could turn around a sound investment.

If you are interested in a long-term investment for your own use, there are several areas of St. Croix that are buzzing with promise. For example, Carden Beach on the East end of St. Croix offers brand new, custom villas with modern amenities. Residents will enjoy, gated security, private tennis courts as well as beach access. Call us today to get the latest details.

Retailers, resort developers and other commercial interests are increasingly turning their attention to the St. Croix investment property market. Several large companies have already set up business here and their success should attract many more.

Whether you are in the market for a private golf community home or are considering developing your very own holiday resort, this island is brimming with possibilities. Learn more about available St. Croix investment property by contacting our team of real estate specialists at Farchette & Hanley Real Estate today.